Energy Explained

Prices to rise from 01/07/2022

We're sure you've heard in recent headlines across the country about the high volatility in the Australian electricity market and the impact it is having on energy retailers, especially for independent retailers like Smart Energy. With many Aussie households already feeling the pressure of rising living costs, we don’t want to add to this pressure.

We have always believed in being transparent with our customers, so it is with regret that we recommend you switch to another energy provider this month.


Wholesale energy prices have skyrocketed in recent months. Prices have been increasing since January last year, but with recent devastating conflict in Ukraine and floods in NSW and QLD, combined with Australia’s reliance on coal and gas as our main sources of energy, there has been a huge surge in wholesale energy prices.

Independent energy retailers like Smart Energy purchase their electricity from the grid - and all energy retailers who don’t own their generating assets are now paying extremely high prices.

Like all other retailers, we will have to substantially increase our prices for customers to reflect the wholesale price hike.

When will this happen?

These proposed rate plan changes will take effect from 01/07/2022.

How can I avoid soaring energy bills?

Smart Energy recommends making the switch to another provider before July 1. Whilst prices will be significantly expensive across the entire energy retail market, as an independent energy retailer, Smart Energy can sadly no longer provide competitive prices on your energy.

Questions and support

Smart Energy remains committed to our customers, being transparent and doing what is in your best interests. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us one of the following ways:

Phone:1300 133 055
Email: [email protected]