June 2023

Maximising Landlord Returns: The Benefits of Solar and Battery Systems for Residential Landlords

Did you know, Residential Landlords benefit more from solar and battery installations than their tenants do?

As the world progresses to renewable energy, the demand for sustainably viable homes is increasing. As a landlord, it is time to consider how renewable energy upgrades are going to successfully impact your return on investment and change the way you manage your property in the future. 

Let's explore the benefits a solar and battery system can bring

landlords of residential properties:

Whilst most residential tenants pay for their own energy usage, there are some financial benefits to implementing solar & batteries, especially if the property becomes vacant or if the place is holiday leased. 

Whilst Feed-in-Tariffs are decreasing, those with a solar battery combination are benefiting from exclusive energy plans that offer brilliant returns on energy produced and stored from a solar and battery system. 

If the property is untenanted, the tenants have a low energy expenditure, or even if the property is holiday let, excess energy produced by the system can be sold back to the grid at higher wholesale rate. Speak to our head of energy storage, Joel Power, about special plans with  Amber Electric.  

Solar and battery installations have emerged as highly sought-after attributes among homebuyers and renters due to their ability to deliver long-term energy savings. 

Incorporating solar panels into a residential property is a forward-looking investment that continues to generate benefits for years to come, encompassing ongoing cost reductions and even potential resale value. 

By installing panels and batteries today, which typically boast lifespans of 20 to 25 years, property owners can significantly enhance the value of their assets. With the added peace of mind provided by comprehensive warranties and dedicated customer support through the Smart Care package, this investment assures both quality and increased property value.


A solar-powered property possess a distinct selling point, setting it apart from competitors in the rental market. With the growing emphasis on sustainability and the demand for eco-friendly energy solutions, tenants are actively seeking properties that align with green values.

Landlords can choose to include electricity within the rent, which can offset the cost of the system whilst offering tenants a respite from escalating energy expenses. The security of removing bills from the equation is an attractive feature that could interest more tenant applicants. 

Landlords gain better control over selecting the most suitable tenant, and securing a long-term contract for consistent revenue. It's a win-win situation that enhances your property and ensures a positive and sustainable rental experience for everyone involved.

Landlords have the opportunity to leverage federal or local tax credits, rebates, or grants to mitigate the initial expenses associated with solar installations, rendering it a financially advantageous choice.

If there are plans to eventually reside in the investment property, seizing government incentives while they are available constitutes a prudent financial strategy.

As solar power gradually becomes a commonplace feature in Australian households, the government's future incentives for transitioning to renewable energy are anticipated to diminish.


States currently offering incentives: (As of May 2023)

VIC: Solar Battery Rebate

NT: Solar PV & Battery Grants

TAS: Energy Saver Loan Scheme

NATIONWIDE Small Business Energy Incentive


The integration of solar and battery systems offers the opportunity for energy independence. In times of power outages or grid failures, properties equipped with solar power can sustain essential functions like lighting, refrigeration, heating, and even life support. This unwavering reliability brings peace of mind to both landlords and tenants alike, ensuring uninterrupted comfort and needs are met even in challenging circumstances.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion

Residential landlords stand to gain significant advantages from the installation of solar and battery systems. As the world embraces renewable energy, the demand for sustainable homes is on the rise, making it essential for landlords to consider the impact of renewable energy upgrades on their return on investment and property management strategies. 

By harnessing the power of solar energy, landlords can contribute to environmental sustainability while enjoying cost savings, increased property value, and catering to market demand which drives interest in the property.

Embracing solar and battery systems is not only financially viable with current government incentives, but also positions landlords as key players in a greener and more resilient future.

In Conclusion

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His deep grasp of solar technology, coupled with his commitment to providing tailored solutions, ensures that his clients receive the most efficient and cost-effective solar systems for their homes. His genuine enthusiasm for sustainable living and his ability to simplify the process, empowers customers to make informed decisions with confidence.

Rob has nurtured his team in Central Coast and Newcastle with his expertise to consistently deliver exceptional service.

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The benefits continue: 

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