Store your energy when the sun is up. Use it when it’s down.

If you already have solar you could cut your household electricity costs further by installing a solar battery.

Solar batteries from $99 per month.

Solar batteries are now affordable and they also look good!

Still paying more than $100 on your energy bills?

Using your stored energy is often better for you financially than selling it back to the grid. The costs of buying back energy during peak times often negates the profits you make selling it during the day.

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Get more from your solar energy at home with a solar battery


Why a battery is a smart choice for your property?

Store and Save

Store and Save

Storing your daily energy is ideal for people who are not around as much during the day. When you get home in the evening you use the solar power you generated that day.

Protect from blackouts

Protect from blackouts

Having a battery backup is perfect for when the grid goes down. Storm blackouts or summer overloads will be a thing of the past.

Sell your stored energy for a profit

Sell your stored energy for a profit

When your neighbours need emergency power the grid can draw from your battery at a premium price.


We partner with reputable brands to give you quality and assurance

Doing things the smart way means you’re protect by our outstanding workmanship and product warranties long into the future.

For our batteries we partner with brands like Tesla Powerwall, Samsung Sungrow and Alpha ESS – the three world leaders in battery technology.

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Are batteries really worth it?

Are batteries really worth it?

Absolutely. In a blackout, you’ll be the only house on the street with all the modern conveniences like hot water and a working freezer.

Above all, batteries help you save money!

If you’re not always home during the day, you can save the unused energy being created for later when the sun isn’t shining.

Using your stored energy is often better for you financially than selling it back to the grid. The costs of buying back energy during peak times often negates the profits you make selling it during the day.

Are batteries really worth it? Talk to a solar specialist

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Feel confident about your decision to have a Solar Battery installed.
Below you’ll find our most frequently answered questions

Absolutely. Not every household is at home during the daytime and unfortunately feed in tariffs are not guaranteed at the level they are now. Regardless of this general feed in tariffs are still way lower than a peak energy rate which is usually around 30cents in NSW and up to 46 cents in other states. Why not store power and use it rather than taking the risk of only getting between 9 and 29 cents when you can store it and use it when the peak rate is around 36 cents minimum?

Solar batteries store energy produced by your solar panels so you can use that energy later (for example, when the sun has gone down). So when you install a battery as part of your system, you can store the excess energy it produces at your home, rather than sending it back to the grid. So you’re not hiking up your energy bills at night time using lights or the tele. And because they store energy at your home, you’ve got short-term backup power if there’s ever a blackout.

A: Batteries have a mini computer built inside them which can be updated like an iphone can be when the latest software comes out. As much as batteries are hardware, their tech is built around software. Meaning, your batteries will be updated to current standards when they get older.

If the technology changes with panels and I get new ones, will my battery still work? Or do I have
to have a certain type of system?

“Regardless of what system you have, an AC battery will be able to connect with any inverter. This
means it’ll work with any solar panels.”

95% of batteries can go inside and outside, so they can be easily placed next to your inverter, your garage, or if you really want to, in your living room. They’re usually no bigger than a computer modem and can be easily hidden away.”

You absolutely have the option to do that. You bought the system, so you own the system. However, a solar and battery system can add up to 3% to your property value, so you can choose to make the money on the house sale and use it to buy a new system for your new home.

The batteries we sell all come with surge protection, so during a storm or power outage the battery will still work. And because most of them have a healthy supply of backup power, your essentials like your fridge and wifi will still work. And yes, your neighbours will be extremely jealous when this happens.

This depends on what battery you buy, and of course, the company you buy it through. Most batteries have a warranty of 10 years, and most good battery manufacturers will let you extend that to over 20.

People don’t tend to spend every minute at home, and you’re very unlikely to use all the power the system generates.

Having a battery also qualifies you for a Virtual Power Plant, or VPP. It’s a system of home solar and battery systems working together to generate and store energy, and feed energy into the grid.

Once your system and battery are hooked up, we will be able to remotely charge it or discharge energy from it back into the grid. For example, we can do this during times of high demand so you’re getting paid more money for the energy you’re selling back to the grid.

It builds up as a credit on your bill which, if you are in credit on your total bill - you can withdraw that money to your bank account. It’s no different to your energy retailer charging you. Basically you’re charging them for energy when normally they charge you.

A general battery only takes around 2 hours to install, and then you’ll be up and running.