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Smart Energy will also request information from individuals to confirm eligibility for different concessions that may be applicable.


For people who are not located near a Moneycare office or require this facility for financial counselling via correspondence — anyone who requires assistance in this way should contact their local Salvation Army Community Services Centre and the office will in turn contact the nearest Moneycare branch. For areas without a Moneycare office or Community Service Centre, call 1300 36 36 22.

Telephone No: 1300 36 36 22

Website: Salvation Army Financial Counselling Service

Moneysmart is a website that provides information to help people make smart choices about their personal finances. It is created and run by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). ASIC is the financial services regulator, an independent agency of the Australian Government.

MoneySmart offers free, independent guidance online so people can make the best choices about their money. Financial counselling is a free service offered by community organisations, community legal centres and some government agencies. Financial counsellors can help you solve your money problems. Financial counsellors provide a free, confidential and independent service.

Telephone No: 1300 300 630

Website: Moneysmart

For immediate and free assistance, call the Credit and Debt Hotline service to speak with a financial counsellor. They can assist you with what to do next and who to see regarding your financial difficulties.

Telephone No: 1800 007 007

Website: Wesley Mission − Credit Line

The No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS®) provides interest-free loans for individuals or families on low income. It’s a community-based program that enables people to access fair, safe and equitable credit for the purchase of goods and services.

Telephone No: 13 NILS (13 64 57)

Website: No Interest Loans (NILs)

There are a range of payments and services to support in an emergency or crisis situation. You may be able to get paid an income support payment immediately, even if you are not already receiving a Centrelink payment. If you already receive a Centrelink payment, you may be able to receive an advance lump-sum payment from your existing income support payment. The type of payment or assistance that you may be able to get will depend on your individual circumstances. Crisis Payment is a one-off payment to help those experiencing difficult or extreme circumstances. Community Engagement Officers assist people of all ages to get financial help and other services, if they are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. There is also the Financial Information Service − a free, confidential service that provides education and information on financial issues to all Australians.

Website: Centrelink

The NDH is not-for-profit service that helps Australians with their debt problems. Professional financial counsellors offer a free, independent and confidential service.

Telephone No: 1800 007 007

Website: National Debt Helpline


Energy Information and services for households and businesses.

Website: Australian Department of the Environment and Energy