What is Smart Care

Support whenever and wherever you need it.

Smart Care is Smart Energy’s full-service customer care and warranty package. As a customer, you’re entitled from the moment you make the smart switch.

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Smart Decisions

Smart Care means you’re making smart solar decisions

We want you to get the best deal for the electricity you sell back to the grid. That’s why we give you a team of experts to help find the smartest solar buy-back plan.

No surprise fees

Not even later on down the line.

Rest assured

The warranty, installation and support team are some of Australia’s finest.

Get the ROI you were promised

Our Clean Energy Council Accredited engineers ensure you’re properly set up and maximising the amount of electricity your system generates.

Smart Installation

Expert engineers with the highest quality hardware and software for installation

We approach things the smart way and so we only use quality products and work with vetted CEC Accredited installers.

This allows us to offer you the longest and best solar warranties in the country.

Smart support

We've got you covered

Smart Care means delivery of around-the-clock service from day one. Our expert team is dedicated to taking a proactive support approach, meaning we will take care of issues without waiting for your call.

What’s included?

The smartest solar customer care in Australia

5 years

Installation cover

In case your system isn’t performing as expected.

10 years

Inverter cover

If your inverter stops working.

25 years

Solar panel cover

If there’s any issues with your panels.

World class

Technical support

If you want to know to anything about your system.


Bill analysis

To ensure you get the best retail rates for buy back (FIT).


Mike is saving $2,000 a year

“With two young children now, we were wanting to save money where we could. We made the switch to solar with Smart Energy and consistently save more than $500 off our quarterly energy bills. It means we've got an extra $2,000 a year for the things that count, it just makes sense.”


Smart Energy Customer NSW