Cost-of-Living Crisis Averted: FIVE Ways to Reduce Your Expenses and Save Money

Written by Kerry Mullany

Cost of living getting you down?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With these easy habit changing tips you can save you money and help out the planet in the process. Plus, keep an eye out for a dash of comedy from John Clarke and Bryan Dawe to lighten the mood in tip five. 


1. Rethink Your Daily Commute

Cost of living crisis averted, cycle to work


Car-pooling, cycling, walking, roller skating, skipping, hopscotching… Really, the methods of transportation to get yourself to the office by 9am are endless. Albeit the latter three may not be as practical as they are fun, the point is there are cheaper ways to get to work than a solo drive in rush hour traffic. 

Carpooling is a great way to catch up with co-workers, crack jokes about the boss, and share the cost of fuel. Though, if you take a little longer to warm up in the mornings, a less social, but equally cost-effective commute could be cycling or walking. Save on fuel, save on carbon emissions!

Remember to wear a helmet and be mindful of your surroundings when hopping on the bike. 


2. Do The Weekly Food Shop Online 

Save money, cost of living, by online food shopping

We’re not the only ones who peruse the aisles of woolies, picking up extra items because they are on offer or we’re hungry. In-store shopping can often cost us more than we budgeted because we are exposed to more products. Online food shopping is a clever way to stick to your list of needed necessities and avoid the lucrative luxuries. 

Though, if cadburys is half priced, we’re not going to judge you if you buy two... 


3. You don’t need Netflix, Stan, Binge, Prime, and Disney+

Cost of Living Averted: cut back on streaming services

Be honest, how many streaming accounts do you pay for each month? 

We know you like watching Billions on Stan, have Disney+ for the kids, and can’t say no to a Netflix Original but let’s do the maths based on the standard subscriptions for each:


Netflix $14.99

+ Stan $16 

+ Binge $16 

+ Prime $9.99 

+ Disney $13.99 

= Are you having a laugh? 

Or $70.97 if we are being precise.  


You could feed a family of four for less if you are strict with your budget. This savvy shopper spent $49.70 on seven dinners to feed her family for a week. Skip to 2.23mins to see the haul and 6.45mins to see the menu!

Decide which channel you use the most and unsubscribe from the rest. Save yourself some cash to spend on nachos and movie snacks for when you watch your chosen platform.

Or create a new email and do all the free trials for all of them again!


4. Download a budgeting app

use a budgeting app to manage cost of living


When it comes to sticking to a budget, there’s no denying, it's hard. Especially in a world of social media ads enticing us to spend ONLY $9.99 on X, Yand Z, here, there and everywhere. It’s almost impossible to save… or is it? Have you tried utilising one of the MANY budgeting apps? Canstar compiled this list of free budgeting apps that offer something for everyone when it comes to spending, saving and tracking your expenses. 


5. Installing Solar

Before we jump into how Solar can curb the cost-of-living crisis at home, let’s briefly educate ourselves on the energy market. 

Click here to view

The Energy Market Explained

Six years after this iconic skit, it's disheartening to see the energy market still in turmoil. Only this time the situation is amplified as we also sit deep in the trenches of a cost-of-living crisis. 

Though this humorous reminder from the late John Clarke and Bryan Dawe, the reality is privatised energy giants continue to capitalise on the pockets of hard-working Aussies. 

Why don’t we change the narrative by taking power into our own hands. But not literally - that would be dangerous. 

“Strengthening your household finances is not just about cutting costs; it's about making strategic financial decisions that pave the way for a more secure future. Every dollar saved and wisely invested today is a building block for your family's financial well-being tomorrow. Through looking into alternatives for household bills, such as switching to renewables, Australians can cut their household finances significantly.”

Joel Power, Smart Energy

 As we look at ways to manage the cost of living crisis, solar energy presents numerous opportunities for homeowners, especially as its adoption outpaces traditional energy demand. Long-term cost-savings, affordable energy, increased property value, energy security and exclusive energy plans with incentives for solar owners.

Our Top Tip: Look at where you can save the most money. 

With electricity prices consistently on the rise, the energy crisis is only going to get worse. Switching to solar might feel like a big expense at first, but you’ll feel the long term savings much more. If you can afford to pay the crazy prices energy retailers are charging you now, you can afford to pay for a solar system.

With our customised solar plans, you can optimise your savings and access solar power as quickly as you can say cost-of-living crisis. 

Contact one of our solar experts today

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