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Why Switch to One of Australia's Top Renewable Energy Retailers?

Who is Smart Energy?

Odds are you weren’t particularly thrilled with your most recent energy bill and you’re wondering what you can do to stop funnelling money you don’t have into the pocket of your energy provider.

If you're out here doom scrolling on the internet looking for answers and asking “who even is this Smart Energy mob?” then you’re exactly the person I’ve intended this article for and I encourage you to follow along.

Put simply, Smart Energy is one of the top renewable energy retailers in Australia. That’s residential solar and batteries if you’re new here.

From humble beginnings, Smart Energy has grown from the ground up. The company’s founders, Elliott Hayes and Beau Savage, started out in a dust ridden warehouse along the Northern Rivers. 

After Identifying a clear gap in the market on the backend of 2016, the two put their heads together and have since worked tirelessly to broaden Smart Energy’s reach and bring affordable renewable energy solutions to homes across Australia.

From the early days in that dusty warehouse, the company has expanded to 11 offices nationwide, and found a home in Byron Bay. With branches now open in the UK and most recently the US, there are no signs of slowing down. 

Welcome to Smart Energy

Why Switch To Smart Energy?

  1. No upfront cost

    What is no upfront cost? No upfront cost is just that! While some people prefer to pay for things outright, Smart Energy gets that this isn’t always possible for everyday Aussies.

    Instead of forwarding the money in a lump sum, around 90% of Smart Energy customers take advantage of the STC rebate from the Government, which covers the install fee. Customers pay back the solar system on a flexible plan tailored to them.

    With no initial outlay for the installation, it means a customer is able to make a beneficial change in their living situation without breaking the bank. Customers are able to nurture their finances, and won't pay for the system until they are seeing the benefits.

  2. Smart Care

    We have all heard the horror stories of fly-by-night solar companies bolting cheap systems onto residential roofs across Australia with no follow up or aftercare, leaving orphan systems with no one to look after them.

    Smart Energy is different. The company has an aftercare procedure called Smart Care. This procedure exists to eliminate that fear of abandonment for customers, ensuring Smart Energy will be there on the other end of the line for any issue, big or small.

    Our award-winning customer success team are extremely well versed in all things solar and actually work with customers to get to the root of an issue rather than take a wild stab in the dark.

  3. It’s the future

    It only takes a stroll down a suburban street to see that renewables are so hot right now. Before you know it, there will be more Tesla charging stations than BP’s.

    Our collective uptake of renewable energy is the logical next step forward to reach goals such as net zero 2050. Maybe you can’t afford to drive an EV, but residential solar is one affordable way that everyday Aussies can have a positive impact on the planet and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

    Renewable energy is inevitable. It’s not so much a question of if, it’s a question of when. With the recent energy price hike, a knock-on effect of the political climate in Russia and Ukraine, there has never been a better opportunity to take the reins on something as essential as your energy. 
Contact Us Today!

Contact Us Today!

The first step to switching to Smart Energy is to get yourself booked in for a free home energy evaluation. 

Any old company could bolt a system onto your roof, crossing their fingers and toes that you won’t have any issues, but Smart Energy won’t do that. 

Think of it as a first date; we need to get to know you better. We need to understand your energy usage, assess your bill, and ask you what you want out of your solar system before installing anything.

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