June 2023

Unlocking Success: The Power of Solar & Batteries for Small Businesses

Written by Kerry Mullany

Attention Business Owners

As a business owner, you'd appreciate the daily... let's say joys, of keeping a small business afloat. Inflation has hit hard and the cost of living, let alone the cost of making a living can feel like treading water at the best of times.

But what if there were a way to reduce company costs, increase profit margins and take control of your energy operating costs, all whilst becoming a sustainable superhero? 

Now we're cooking with gas... or we should say Electricity. 


Switch to Solar & Batteries: Benefit Your Business Now & Forever!

You could save as much as 80% on your energy bill with solar, and even more when you add battery to solar system. Combine that with a 25 year warranty and Smart Care plan, and your system is built to last, giving you years of savings to enjoy.

A solar and battery system stands among a few high-value products that effortlessly showcase return and longevity. 

With long lifespans, solar panels are a durable and cost-effective gift that keeps on giving. 

Did you know? They can even increase the value of the business property as more and more buyers look for sustainable features!


Fossil fuelled energy prices are going to continue rising as supply of coal and gas decreases. Take this pressure away from your business so that you can focus your company finances on the important things, like expanding your footprint (...or throwing a massive Christmas party, you know, for team morale). 


On top of avoiding rising electricity prices and keeping business operation costs down, generating your own power gives you energy independence when you need it the most.

There's nothing worse than a situation out of your control disrupting business, such as a power outage. If your business relies on a consistent flow of energy to maintain operation, having your own sunny supply of energy will allow your business to continue thriving without the uneasy wait for the lights to come back on.


It’s cool to be sustainable, dude ✌️

As renewable energy grows in necessity, customers are becoming increasingly conscious of supporting businesses that prioritise green initiatives.

Having solar panels can enhance a small business's reputation by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, and could attract a new market of customers to your business

The Pay As You Save option allows all budgets access to solar with flexible savings plans that remove the upfront costs usually associated with getting solar.

Essentially, you pay for your system with the savings the system is making you over a 5 year* plan. After the plan finishes, those smart savings become cash in your pocket for years and years to follow!

*Plans are based on individual circumstances and may be shorter or longer than 5 years depending on what is most suitable for the customer.

Don’t you love it when the government pays? ... (especially when it comes to electrifying your small business).

The big push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030, is driving exciting new government incentives for small businesses when it comes to renewable energy. 

Financial incentives can help offset the upfront cost and make solar more affordable for small businesses.

Act fast as government rebates have limited availability, often offered on a first come first served basis, for a limited time only.

does your business qualify for a rebate?

Drop your details here and we will call you back with the answer!

In a nutshell, incorporating solar power into a small business is a brilliant investment move. It's like hitting a jackpot with financial savings, a cool brand image, and a dash of energy independence

By tapping into the sun's superpowers, small businesses can rock on through blackouts, curtail inevitable grid price rises and use the long-term savings to expand, invest or give yourself a well deserved bonus!  

Who knows maybe your small business may become a very big business, all because you chose a greener tomorrow!


Power Up Your Business:

Go Solar Today for a Brighter Future with Smart Energy!

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