SEPT 2023

Stop Relying on the Grid: Why Australians Are Taking Control Of Their Energy With Solar

Written by Kerry Mullany

Don’t wait for the grid.

Give yourself peace of mind

for the future.

“Australia risks failing on renewable energy”

The Guardian shares an interesting point that the Albanese government may have over-promised on it's climate-crisis target to ensure “Australia’s national electricity grid would be running on 82% renewable energy by 2030”. 

The Australian energy market operator (AEMO) warns that “There is no shortage of development proposals” for switching to renewable sources, but "the required investment is just not happening fast enough".



The slow pace is in part thanks but NO THANKS to Ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The coalition leader who described wind farms as “visually awful”, set the country back by;

1. Ordering the government’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to stop investing in wind and solar power back in 2015.

2. Pressuring companies to keep ageing coal plants, like Liddell in NSW, operating for beyond scheduled closures.

Currently, Labour has promised $20 billion to “rewire the nation”, but if you read our June issue of the Smart Energy Express you'll see there are some obstacles related to the cost and implementation of the infrastructure required to do this. 

Each transmission connection is a multibillion-dollar project, and it takes seven years on average to get one approved and built. For some projects, the price for getting a development in the ground has blown out by 30-40% due to inflation and supply chain constraints.


Various flags of different countries from angle looking up representing global competition

Global competition for equipment and parts is escalating and energy companies don't care about Australian climate targets. 

“Many energy companies are global players. If it is more attractive to build solar and wind farms elsewhere, that’s what some will do.” 

The Guardian

The future grid would need nine times today’s level of large-scale renewable energy capacity to meet future demand. 

In short: 

  • The government’s hypothetical-target has faced unpredictable obstacles hindering it’s progress
  • The set back of irrational government decisions has taken a greater toll than expected
  • The cost of rewiring Australia is expensive and has increased with inflation
  • The logistics of getting licensing and approval is a lengthy process
  • The physical integration of rewiring Australia is subject to supply chain of materials faced by the competition of other countries

The country needs a stronger and more proactive national policy to promote renewable energy investments, as the current strategies are not effective enough to drive the necessary transition away from coal power plants. 


Great, but what does this situation mean for Australian residents in terms of future energy supply and cost?


Image of mega phone and speech bubble saying don't wait

Don't wait... for the nation to be re-wired.

Access a personal supply of clean, affordable energy with your own solar and battery system.


Though once finished, the new infrastructure needed to effectively supply the grid with renewable energy could supply millions of homes in Australia with clean energy, it still won't give you control over the price.  

Whilst solar and wind energy is far cheaper to produce than fossil fuels, do you trust energy retailers won’t find a way of exploiting consumers for profit?

Take the recent rise in energy prices that are predicting AGL will more than double their profits next year for example… 

Installing a home solar system is a super achievable goal and helps Australians contribute to lowering their emissions. Though the AEMO is saying the government won’t reach their targets, it's not to say us individuals can’t reach our own! 


flip the bird - two cockatoos on lamp post, one upside down


Flip the bird to global energy companies who don't care about prioritising Australia in the renewable shift. When you prioritise your own switch to renewable energy you’ll experience direct benefits such as reduced energy bills and energy independence.


Access to the sun is FREE.

As soon as your solar and battery system is up and running, you will have a personal supply of sunny power that will significantly reduce your reliance on the grid and reduce your energy bills.

‘Yeah sure, installing panels will help but I can’t afford that.’ 

If you can afford your current bill, you can afford solar.

Tumble weed rolling down road representing the zero benefits of paying for grid power energy


  1. No more retail energy price increases: the sun’s rates rarely rise above $FREE

  2. Pay off an asset that adds value to your house

  3. Pay this asset off without noticing a difference in your current outgoings.

  4. Notice a big difference in your outgoings once the system is paid off.

  5. Become a solar & battery owner and access exclusive energy plans and benefits that can potentially make you money when you export your clean power.


Solar owner reaping the benefits of solar on an affordable payment plan for the system


Let's chat about our Smart Savings Plan

Solar & battery with zero upfront cost. Swap your quarterly bill for affordable repayments towards a system and join more than 25,000 Australian's who have made expensive energy bills a thing of the past. 


It’s important to consider how your life could be impacted by waiting for others to take action.

Especially when there have been unforeseeable obstacles, delusional decisions, lengthy legislation approval processes and uncontrollable expenses standing in the way of progress. 

Obtaining your own source of clean power is a fast and effective way to give you peace of mind for the future.

Not only are you subconsciously doing your part to contribute to national climate goals but you are consciously ensuring yourself with a supply of low-cost energy for many years to come.

25,000+ happy customers across Australia.


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