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Specialist Explains How Solar Batteries Can Help You Save

Battery specialist Joel Power, explains the benefits that solar batteries can offer your home in Australia’s current crisis.

5 reasons why batteries help you save  

Australian homeowners are now seriously considering solar batteries to protect their homes from future price hikes. As inflation, fuel costs, stagnant wage growth and increased energy demand are driving price hikes even higher. Thankfully battery storage systems have come a long way in recent years to provide viable energy storage solutions for homeowners.

Joel Power has worked as a battery specialist for the past 5 years at Smart Energy, experiencing first hand how thousands of Australian homes are saving more than ever by going off-grid with a solar battery system.

Image caption: In a recent survey, Origin Energy found that 57 % of Australians plan to have a solar battery installed within the next 5 years. As renewable energy continues to produce more power, at cheaper rates than coal and gas power, the addition of a battery to a solar system is proving to be immensely beneficial. And here’s how:

1. Protect yourself from rising energy costs 

Joel Power has seen solar energy allow Australians to take back control of their home’s energy bill. And there is no better feeling. But with the right sized solar battery equipped with your system, you can achieve near total grid independence.

A solar battery is so much more than a typical home improvement purchase. It’s an asset that will continue to earn you money by reducing your power costs long after the system has paid for itself. 

Joel says “We all know that paying a mortgage makes more sense than throwing that money away to pay your landlord. And a solar battery system is no different. Instead of throwing away money to your electricity company, a solar battery can simply pay for itself.  Which means you have an affordable solar storage solution to deal with the upcoming electricity price hikes”.

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2. Avoid Solar Tax

The Australian Energy Market Coordinator and its imposing charges for exporting clean solar energy, known as “sun tax” has left many solar panel owners angered as they are taxed for sending clean electricity back to the grid. Something that Mr Power has seen all too frequently on the battery storage system front.

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Despite having one of the fastest growing solar power industries in the world, the Australian government has failed to plan for the increased use in solar energy, and the increased power sent back to the electricity grid. Solar batteries however present a real solution for Aussies seeking to escape this new form of government imposed tax.

Mr Power says that “A battery system allows you to store all the excess electricity your system is producing, without having to send it back to the grid. Which means you avoid any solar tax the AEMC has implemented”.

Not to mention the reduction of feed-in tariffs, that is following an international trend of lowering the amount homeowners receive for selling their energy back to the grid. A battery system allows you to store any excess energy for later use and drastically reduces the amount of electricity that you feed into the grid, meaning that you won’t experience any ‘feed-in’ financial losses.

3. Protection from blackouts 

Australia’s most recent energy crisis introduced blackouts as a real threat for many Aussie homes. The demand for electricity was increased significantly by a colder winter, while the supply of electricity was stunted as big coal-fired power plants had to close down.

Not to mention the war in Ukraine and the pressure it’s put on gas and coal prices that has thrown the energy market into crisis.

Mr Power mentions “The fact that so many homes, in some instances entire suburbs, are experiencing blackouts is a serious cause for concern. Equipping your home with a battery gives you blackout protection. It allows you to keep the lights on, regardless of world events, rising energy costs or companies introducing new policies”.

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4. Get full value out of your solar system 

Mr Power notes that most importantly ‘getting a solar energy system is a great step forward in becoming your own energy provider’. But you’re only part of the way there! Which means you still feel the effects of feed-in-tariffs/solar tax and energy companies' changing their rates.

A solar battery puts you off-grid. For good. And there’s something about having your own solar battery storage that gives you a true feeling of financial freedom. No more dealing with your energy provider, or local utilities to provide you with power. You put yourself and your home way ahead of the curve.

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5. Reduction of your carbon footprint 

Lastly, Mr Power talks about the impact on the environment: “With solar batteries, you minimise your dependence on traditional grid electricity, lowering your carbon footprint due to the need for constant supply from power plants”.

Because solar batteries help lower your carbon footprint, they’ll help you minimise the effects of global warming. This is because you aren’t reliant on the electricity produced from coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels, which further harm the environment.  

Home batteries can cut emissions by reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to provide ancillary services that keep the grid stable. By storing surplus solar energy and drawing on it when needed, household battery storage can reduce the need for ancillary services by smoothing out the home’s grid electricity consumption.

By storing solar electricity during the day or off-peak grid electricity, battery storage can reduce or even eliminate the need to use peak generators during times of high demand and this reduces emissions drastically.