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Written by Kerry Mullany

Arcstream puts winter freeze on power prices for solar and battery retail customers

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Solar and Battery giant QCells freezes prices on all Arcstream energy plans, for its Australian customers until at least October, offering stability amidst national wholesale price hikes.

“This upcoming price increase is something we knew was coming, and we’ve been able to plan around it to ensure our customers are feeling the benefit of their decision.” says General Manager of QCells Australia, Mick Fell.

Arcstream’s integrated solar and storage subscription plan is a fixed-rate monthly offer backed up from the grid by 100% green energy, delivered via authorised electricity retailer partner, Electricity in a Box.

Both existing and new customers are avoiding tariff rate changes, being rewarded for their custom by QCells. 

Qcells Tassie 8 (1)
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This move aims to promote renewable energy access and encourage homeowners to invest in solar solutions. QCells, Q.home product is a one stop shop with solar panels, batteries, and exclusive energy plans packaged into one. Contact us for more information.

“We would encourage all homeowners to take control of their energy bill, electrify their homes, and install as much solar and battery as they can,” Fell added.


Just like Collin from Tasmania did through Smart Energy this year.

Qcells Tassie 16
Earn what your energy is really worth: up to $15/kWh FiT

Earn what your energy is really worth: up to $15/kWh FiT

If you own a solar battery, it’s time to switch to Amber to boost your battery export earnings. 

As the only electricity company delivering power at real-time wholesale prices, Amber rewards their customers for using low-cost renewable energy.  

By automating your battery to buy low and sell high, you can access wholesale feed-in tariffs that can reach $15/kWh.

Boost your battery the Smart Way.

  • Make the grid work for you and access cheap renewables to keep your battery topped up
  • Keep all the returns from your solar and battery exports
  • Gain more control over your battery and costs
  • Amber make $0 on your energy usage and passes through all of your export earnings
Earn what your energy is really worth: up to $15/kWh FiT

Amber’s on a mission to get Australia to 100% renewable energy faster. And we are 100% on board with them on that! 

Click here and use the code SMART30 for $30 credit applied to your first bill.

Bank with Commonwealth? 

Get 6 months free Amber subscription when you switch and sign up using your CommBank credit card, debit card or bank account as your bill payment method before 31 March 2024.

 New Meaning Given To ‘Crap’ Solar

New Meaning Given To ‘Crap’ Solar

Popular toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap (WGAC) has installed a rooftop solar system on its rented Melbourne warehouse spelling out the words ‘we give a crap.’

The cheeky solar installation utilised a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) model, where the solar company owns the system and sells the solar power to the tenant at a reduced rate. PPA’s are popular in the commercial sector with most industrial spaces being rented properties.

Giving rise to a conundrum about who should pay for a system which largely profits tenants, in this instance the financing option resulted in no upfront costs for WGAC or MCM. 

The installation has saved Who Gives A Crap, approximately 24% on their monthly electricity bill, and the company plan to install solar across all their Aussie warehouses over the next year. They have also just launched an electric vehicle toilet paper fleet, and are currently exploring end-of-life battery solutions to tie everything together.

 New Meaning Given To ‘Crap’ Solar
WGAC Simon Griffiths 1

“Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how profitable your business is in the long run if we don’t have a world that’s worth living in.” 

By reducing emissions, companies can collectively make a significant impact on climate change, according to Simon Griffiths, CEO and co-founder of Who Gives A Crap.

“That means we all have a duty to rethink the relationship between profit and environmental impact, but in this instance we’ve been able to reduce costs and improve environmental impact – it’s absolutely win-win."

Far from crap efforts coming from the Who Gives A Crap company!

WGAC Simon Griffiths 1

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