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Q.HOME: What, How and Why?

When you’re looking into renewables, the amount of gizmos, gadgets and ‘technobabble’ involved can be daunting at first. “A hybrid inverter and lithium-ion battery with Q CELLS” easily sounds like a line lifted from the script of some movie about time travel. Luckily for you, it really doesn’t get much more straightforward than Q.Home. 


What is Q.HOME?

Q.Home is Australia's first fully integrated residential solar power system providing homeowners with their own energy independence. The Q.HOME system comprises three components: the Q Volt inverter, Q Save battery and Q Cells solar panels.


Q.Home was developed by the company Q Cells; one of the biggest players in global renewable energy to date, who have been dominating the market across Europe since its conception in late nineties Thalheim, Germany. With the most competitive performance warranty and energy storage efficiency, the Q.HOME is leading the way in solar. 


Smart Energy has been partnered with Q Cells for many years. In that time, we’ve seen three generations of the revolutionary Q.HOME. All of which have been unmatched by competitors on storage capacity, performance warranty, backup power and energy management. 


The third generation, Q.HOME Core, has come at no better time. The most recent model of Q.HOME Core has fortuitously coincided with the energy crisis; serving as a saving grace to so many Australian homeowners who have managed to save during the unprecedented price rise.

How it works

There are two ways to explain how Q.HOME works: there’s how it works on a technical level, which unless you’re an expert on the science of photovoltaic cells and electrochemistry, I don’t expect you to care much about, and then there’s how it works for you! 


Picture this, your Q Cells solar panels provide energy to your home throughout the daytime hours, while simultaneously charging your solar battery with the excess yield. 


Come five o’clock, you stop using electricity directly from the sun and instead move to using power from the battery hooked up to the side of your very own home. You essentially have access to your very own personal energy storage system.


The solar battery continues to power the whole house until your head hits the pillow. The cycle repeats, thus decimating your interaction with the grid.

It all sounds great, but Australians aren't dense people. We won’t buy something because some online article made it sound great with flash lingo. Aussies are going to choose a Q.HOME because we believe it works.

Why choose Q.HOME?


Other systems are not as effective during a blackout, despite what many people assume,” says Smart Energy National Manager, Liam Navon. 


The backup power mode for Q.HOME, unlike many of its competitors, does not rely on the grid to kick it into gear. This means that in the event of a blackout you will have the luxury of binge-watching a series while your neighbours peer at your living room lights through their blinds. 


Q.Home is a Q Cells bundled energy product - Solar panels, inverter and battery all manufactured by the same company”.


With all components of the system being Q Cells products, your performance warranties are with the same manufacturer. This means one less phone number you need to scramble through tiny pieces of paper to find.

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Smart Energy offers this product at no upfront cost. You can have your house upgraded to a Q.HOME and won’t pay for it until you’re already seeing the benefits”.


By far, one of the most important aspects of a renewable energy system is affordability. With the installation covered by the STC rebate and Smart Energy’s payment deferral period of 90 days, there is no reason you shouldn’t book yourself in with us for a home energy evaluation and upgrade to Q.HOME as soon as possible. 

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