August 2023

Written by Kerry Mullany

Let Smart Energy Light The Way: 9 common DIY Battery Buying Blunders


Before you crack open a cold one and dive into the DIY battery buying game, there's a secret to save you a lot of hassle...

Call Smart Energy.


  • Conduct a Solar Health Check

  • Assess your energy production, consumption & household need

  • Provide a battery solution (if you need one - there are some cases where you might not!) 

  • If yes, find a battery compatible with your current solar system

  • Located an efficient and safe place for the battery to be installed at your home or business

  • Arrange a suitable time put the kettle on, unwrap the timtams and answer all your questions 



Though if you are going to channel your inner Kelly Clarkson and be all 'Miss Independent' about it, at least have a geez of these 9 common blunders people make when battery buying... (please 🙏 ).

The least we can do is PREPARE you for the complex path you're about to take.

Unless you are a certified sparky and know what you are doing, we do NOT recommend winging it and doing any kind of solar or battery systems install with a DIY approach. When we talk about the DIY approach, we mean doing the energy assessments, paperwork, research and nitty gritting number crunching to find yourself a suitable solar battery. For the installation, always use a certified electrician or specialised installer.

Not enough solar

Did you know that batteries should be charged to at least 80% each day to maintain  healthy function and long lifespan? 

Just like our phones, short bursts of low charging aren’t good for a battery. If your system isn't producing enough excess solar in the day to charge your battery to the recommended minimum charge, then the efficiency will drop and reduce your battery savings over time. 

The average Aussie family will need a fair amount of solar to fill a standard home battery throughout the entire year. 

There are a few ways to find out if your system is big enough;

    1. Use your bills to see how much solar you are exporting back to the grid 
    2. Pay an electrician to perform a solar health check 
    3. Have Smart Energy perform a Free Solar Health Check included in a full assessment of your energy storage needs

Not assessing energy needs

Some buyers may overlook their actual energy requirements, leading to the purchase of an undersized or oversized battery system. 

    • An undersized battery might not store enough energy to meet your demands, therefore you’ll still be paying for grid power when you are out of solar charge. 
    • While an oversized battery will constantly fall short of being sufficiently charged, leading to reduced efficiency and unnecessary upfront expense. 

Understanding your energy consumption patterns and needs is crucial to ensure the battery system meets your money saving expectations.

No Problem = No Solution Needed

Is there a problem with your energy situation?

    • Your bills are still high, even with a rooftop solar system.
    • You want energy independence by “getting off the grid”
    • You experience frequent blackouts

A solar battery is a good solution to all of the above, but there are some circumstances where a battery isn’t actually required. 

Ask yourself:

    • Why am I buying a solar battery? 
    • Do my bills outweigh the cost of the battery?
    • Will a battery improve the efficiency of my current solar system or not?

Remember: The chances are a battery will help you save money and improve your solar system’s efficiency in the long-run. However this high-tech hardware ain’t cheap, so don’t go buying one just because your brother did. 

Let our energy storage experts assess your situation for free and offer some guidance on how to solve your affordable energy problems.


One-size does NOT fit all

Your neighbour just got the Q.Home Core H5 wall mounted battery and it looks sleek as. 

“hmm, that's the one I want”

However, what you don’t know is that your neighbour’s entire system is new; panels and all, and this particular battery is only available for brand new Q.Cell instals and can’t be added to an existing solar panel system.

Besides, thier energy consumption, production and needs are probably completely different to yours. Shop around before assuming batteries are a one-size fits all product.


Cheap and NOT so cheerful

Watch out for rogue cowboys who offer cheap batteries and shoddy install services that could lead to future expense!

Lithium-ion batteries can store large amounts of energy, and when they charge and discharge they generate heat. Reputable brands such as Tesla, Q.Cells and Alpha ESS (the only battery brands Smart Energy install) have safety mechanisms that correctly manage these processes to avoid electrical faults. 

Poorly designed batteries will do the job until they don’t… basically what we are saying is, don’t risk “thermal runaway” (aka an electrical fire) for a quick and cheap energy storing fix. 

Smart Energy offers premium products because your safety is our top priority. If you are concerned about price, we’ll design a personalised smart savings plan to get your solar battery system up and running within a few weeks at zero up front cost. With the cost of living becoming a crisis for many Aussie’s, there’s never been a better time to install a battery to save on those pesky energy bills.


Overlooking Warranty and Ongoing Support

Solar batteries are big investments that offer big savings, but what use is a battery that breaks 6 months down the line with no customer support line to save the day? 

A long and comprehensive warranty is a good sign that you are investing in a quality product, and crucial for protecting your investment. 

Hot tip: Watch out for those energy cowboys again! There are far too many unestablished pop-up companies out there making a quick buck, then vanishing off the face of the earth. The last thing you want to be doing is chasing the battery manufacturer to validate the warranty or offer support if things go south.

Ignoring Installation Costs

"Sweet a solar battery for $XXX - what a steal!"

The DIY approach is usually a path opted to save some money right? So don't when you are doing your calculations, don’t forget to consider the cost of installation.

Unless you are a certified installer, you are going to need someone who knows how not to electrocute themselves to fit your battery. 

IMPORTANT: Improper installation or hiring inexperienced installers can lead to performance issues or safety hazards.


What blackout protection?

It’s a common assumption that home solar batteries will back up your house when the grid goes down. But you might forget this if you’ve chosen the DIY approach to buying a battery, and there are many cases of batteries being installed without blackout protection. 

Before finalising your solar battery installation, have a thorough chat with your installer about how the battery will perform during grid failure. 

Ask key questions like:

    1. How many circuits will the battery power during an outage?
    2. Can it start multiple fridges and pumps? (They need around seven times their rated current to kickstart.)
    3. Will the solar panels alone recharge the battery without relying on the grid?

For your peace of mind, ensure all the agreed details are in writing on the quote to avoid any unpleasant surprises the next time the grid takes a break.


Missing out on exclusive energy plans

If you choose Smart Energy to install your solar battery system, we’ll hook you up with the energy providers you’ll want to know about. 

You see, when you install solar panels and batteries at your home or business property, you are no longer the average energy consumer. You are special, and special customers get special rewards for being such sustainable superheroes. 


Leave it to the experts who do it everyday.

Leave it to the experts who do it everyday.

Of course you could spend your down time: 

  • Understanding your bill breakdown
  • Assessing your energy consumption
  • Reading through multiple warranties
  • Looking at product data sheets
  • Finding a suitable battery energy plan
  • Making sure you find a legit sparky to install properly
  • Risk the cheap fix to save money
  • Organising blackout cover
  • ... and trying to remember all the other crucial components to choosing a compatible solar battery

But, who has time for that?!

Leave it to the experts who do it everyday.
Save your precious time for your Family

Save your precious time for your Family

Give us a call and let us do the legwork for you.

Save your precious time for your Family

Sit back and save money.

Leave the heavy lifting to us.

20,000+ happy customers across Australia.


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