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How Can I Make My Solar Battery Last Longer?

Follow Our 5 Expert Tips to Extend Your Solar Battery's Lifespan

Written by Kerry Mullany


...You’ve decided to harness your rooftop solar energy and get as far away from the grid as technically possible by installing a high-tech solar battery.

Unlike all high-value products, a solar battery is a special one that offers high-value returns, very quickly when it comes to your electricity bill. 

Now that you have made the smart move, how can you make smart choices to increase performance and prolong the lifespan of your battery?


Five tips to make your battery last longer!

One of the fundamental aspects of improving your battery's efficiency is selecting the right size.

  • An undersized battery might not store enough energy to meet your demands.
  • While an oversized battery could lead to unnecessary expenses.

Did you know?

Batteries should be charged to at least 80% each day to maintain healthy function and long lifespan.

Purchasing with Smart Energy?

*then ignore the above* 

Our Energy Storage Experts do all the work for you. They assess your energy consumption patterns, future requirements, and consider your peak usage times in order to determine the ideal battery size and capacity that suits your household or business needs.


The Depth of Discharge (DoD) refers to how much energy is used from the battery before its recharged. 

For longer battery life, avoid fully emptying the tank.

Lithium-ion batteries, for instance, are better suited to deeper discharge cycles, but they also don't like being fully discharged too often.

Aim to discharge your battery well within the manufacturers recommended depth of discharge. You can use your Smart Meter app to keep track of how much charge is remaining.

But who has time to add more to their life admin plate?

Handy Hint: when your Smart Energy battery expert looks at your solar energy production and household energy consumption they will make sure your battery is suitably sized for the recommended DoD limit. So, when your energy storage system is up and running, have peace of mind that it is perfectly tailored to your energy needs. 

*Note, if your energy consumption changes you may want to have a geez at your battery energy levels from time to time. Shout out if you need help with this.

Monitoring systems allow you to keep track of your battery's performance, remaining charge and identify potential problems.

Neglecting this component could leave you running on empty or unaware of issues that could be reducing your battery efficiency and lifespan.

Handy Hint:When you install a Battery with Smart Energy, we install a smart metre and help you learn how to use it!

Smart Metres are digital devices that record electricity usage in real-time and communicate the data back to you. 

These super handy devices provide:

    • More accurate billing information
    • Time-of-use rates
    • Detailed insights into your energy consumption patterns. 

Using this data can help you make informed choices about when and how you use your energy to enhance the efficiency of your solar battery.

If you bought your battery with Smart Energy you would have seen our battery pre-installation guide. The reason we created this guid for our customers is because proper battery placement and temperature control play a significant part in preserving the lifespan of your battery. 

Quick tips for optimal battery locations:

1. Choose a well-ventilated area - think of batteries as that person in the pandemic who took social distancing way too far.

    1. 2. Shield your battery from direct sunlight - batteries are not sun chasers like their solar panel friends.
    3. 3. Listen to the experts - look, the location may not be your first choice aesthetically, but our experts are looking out for your best interest when it comes to saving you money and safety. They locate a suitable spot to ensure you get the longest life and efficiency from your battery! 

Like most tech products, solar batteries require proper maintenance to perform at their best. 

Clean your panels 

Every few months check for dust, debris, or shading on your solar panels. These can impact how much power is produced; thus effect how much power is charging your battery.

Remember: you want to charge you battery to at least 80% each day to optimise function and lifespan.

Monitor your battery system performance

Use your Smart Metre or the manufacturer's provided software to monitor your battery system.

Promptly address any issues

Report faults or performance anomalies to get the issue looked at quickly, preventing further damage or malfunction occurring. 

The good news is that following these battery efficiency tips is an easy endeavour, especially with the help of our trusty experts here at Smart Energy.

From finding you the right battery solution; to guiding you through the smart metre app; our team will ensure you can maximise your energy savings and properly maintain your battery.

Furthermore, enjoy knowing we've got your covered with our long warranties and ongoing customer support.


Solar Battery customer using the smart metre app on his mobile device to monitor his battery function

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