Electric Vehicles: How to Eliminate Range Anxiety

Written by Kerry Mullany

How to overcome Range Anxiety when making the switch to an EV

Range anxiety is a common concern for those on the fence of purchasing an electric vehicle. The mere possibility of running out of charge in an unfamiliar or remote location can be a significant deterrent. Especially as the term 'remote' encompasses any area outside of Australia's major cities, where travelling by car is prevalent.

Despite EVs having sufficient range for a user's daily needs, historical perceptions around battery life have tarnished their reputation. Fortunately, a lot has changed since the inception of zero-emission cars.

We explore how advancing technology and progressive public infrastructure has brought reassurance and peace of mind to drivers of electric vehicles.


Range anxiety and how it's being addressed blog


Improved Battery Technology

Originally, EVs had heavy batteries with limited energy capacity that couldn't match the range of their fossil fuel counterparts. 

Today, new battery chemicals like lithium and nickel cobalt power EVs for hundreds of kilometres. Innovations like replacing heavy graphite with lighter silicon have also boosted battery efficiency.  

At the beginning of this decade the Global EV Outlook stated “The ongoing trend of increasing battery capacity is projected to continue. By 2030, battery electric vehicles are expected to reach an average driving range of 350-400 km”. 

Growing Public Charging Stations

With the rise of EVs, public charging stations are becoming more widespread. Installed across convenient locations, such as shopping centres, office complexes, and along major highways, drivers can drive more confidently knowing they can replenish the battery.

Here’s a map of every public EV charging station in Australia, including marks for impending groundwork.

Advanced Onboard Software

Modern EVs feature sophisticated software offering accurate range estimates, considering factors like driving style, current conditions, and previous driving patterns. Navigation systems in EVs also map out routes based on charging station locations.

Efficient Home Charging 

Ever reached home just as the fuel warning light comes on? 

For many, the closest fuel station might be miles away, making range anxiety a real concern for petrol car drivers. With modern home charging tech, EV owners can charge up overnight. This convenient method ensures you always start the day with a full battery, saving time and money.

Range Extenders

For those super remote journeys, some EV owners use petrol generators for a range boost. Though it somewhat defeats the "green" purpose of EVs, it can be handy in a pinch. 

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging

Another emerging trend is Vehicle-to-Vehicle charging – where one EV can charge another. Having this as an option can nullify those worries about emergency situations.

Hybrid Alternatives

If you're not ready for a full EV plunge, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are an option. They combine electric motors with petrol engines. When the battery drains, the conventional engine kicks in, ensuring you're never stranded.

Feel It with Test Drives

If you're unsure, take an EV for a spin. Experiencing its capabilities can ease many concerns.



Electric Vehicles: how to eliminate range anxiety

Range Anxiety Roundup

At its core, the fuel gauge on a petrol car and the battery gauge on an electric car serve similar purposes. You refuel when one's low and recharge when the other is. Both can run out of energy, and now that Australia has improved charging infrastructure, both can be easily replenished. 

While range anxiety was a significant concern in the early days of electric vehicles, the modern developments above offer some assurance to drivers making the switch.

As EVs continue to evolve and become more mainstream, it's likely that range anxiety will become a thing of the past.


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