December 2024

Written by Kerry Mullany


AlphaESS and Amber Electric: Pioneering the Future of Energy Storage and Management

Pioneering the future of energy management, there’s a defiant duo on the renewables scene, empowering solar owners to enhance energy savings, whilst sticking it to profit-hungry energy retailers. With retail energy prices soaring out of consumer control, it’s time to find a smarter, more economical solution for Aussie's investing in their hard earned cash into greener home energy. 

Join us as we delve into the innovative features of the Alpha ESS battery and Amber SmartShift™ plan to discover how they're not just changing the game, but rewriting the rules.


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The Current Energy Landscape

The current energy landscape critics traditional energy retailers for their lack of adaptability and limited rewards for consumers using home renewables. Buying low and selling high, big energy companies profit from pricey fixed rates even when cheaper renewables are available at wholesale. 

AlphaESS and Amber Electric are changing this dynamic, promoting energy independence with green technology and challenging outdated industry practices.

Amber Electric

Unlike traditional energy providers, Amber Electric gives consumers direct access to the wholesale energy price as it changes throughout the day. Fair and simple - the way energy should be. Plus, they reward you for choosing green powered alternatives at home with their SmartShift™ plan. 

Features of Amber Electric SmartShift™

  • Maximise Solar Value: Increasing the financial returns from solar energy systems.
  • Improved Savings: Seamlessly manage your battery to capitalise on wholesale energy prices and competitive FiT rates, turning your Alpha ESS battery into a powerhouse of savings.
  • Compatibility: Works exceptionally with the Alpha ESS
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Smart management of energy usage for efficiency.
  • Real-Time Insights: With Amber's intuitive platform, track your energy usage, costs, and live wholesale prices. Stay ahead and save more with data-driven decisions.

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The Alpha ESS - The Solar Storage Solution

AlphaESS specialises in energy storage solutions, focusing on battery energy storage systems for residential use. With a global presence in over 90 countries, the company is dedicated to promoting renewable energy integration and ensuring energy security. Their partnership with Amber Electric opens the door to the next step in reducing carbon emissions through Virtual Power Plants.

Features of Alpha ESS Battery 

  • Safe and Reliable: Prioritising safety and reliability in system design.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: Ensuring continuous power availability.
  • Modular Design: Allowing for easy customisation and scalability.
  • High Compatibility: Compatible with various solar panel models 
  • Easy Installation: Our qualified and local installers able to efficiently install at your convenience 
  • VPP Ready: Prepared for Virtual Power Plant integration with Amber Electric
  • 24/7 Online Monitoring: Continuous system monitoring for performance and maintenance.

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The Dynamic Duo in Action

The Amber SmartShift™ plan, when used with the Alpha ESS battery, optimises energy usage by automatically adjusting battery operation based on real-time energy market prices. You can also strategically control when you export, store or use your stored solar power based on your needs. When prices are low you can top up your battery with grid power if you need it, and export to the grid when energy is in demand and FiT prices are high. 

This strategy not only reduces electricity costs but also maximises earnings from feed-in tariffs (FiTs) by exporting energy when prices are favourable. Essentially, it enhances the financial investment of solar and battery systems.

Take it from Pete, a SmartShift user!

Take it from Pete, a SmartShift user!

"Since integrating Amber SmartShift with our Alpha ESS battery, we've seen major savings, with last month's bill costing just $33. Its efficiency and real-time control are outstanding. I’ve seen FiTs reach up to $15 per kWh at times. It’s significantly enhanced how we use our solar energy and we're excited to optimise the features further, especially during periods of high FiTs"  


Pete C., an Alpha ESS & Amber Customer

Take it from Pete, a SmartShift user!

Pioneering the Future of Energy Storage Management

The future potential of energy storage management is vast, with companies like AlphaESS and Amber Electric paving the path ahead.

The synergy between Alpha's advanced storage solutions and Amber's innovative SmartShift™ technology, gives customers access to a more sustainable and cost-effective method to managing their solar. 

Gain Greater Power over your Power!

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Elevate your Green Investments with Amber SmartShift™

Elevate your Green Investments with Amber SmartShift™

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